About Us
TerraSpan is an international e-business consulting firm headquartered in the Silicon Valley in California and branch offices, subsidiaries and representations in numerous locations in North America and around the world. In 2004, TerraSpan established TerraSpan Turkiye in Selcuk University’s Teknokent to develop and offer e-business and e-trade/e-commerce infrastructure products and services to the Turkish business community. Combining international technology and experience and local Turkish business characteristics, TerraSpan Turkiye introduced several e-business applications including international and domestic B2B e-trade portals and a suite of web services and hosting solutions. In mid 2006, TerraSpan was selected as an approved vendor by KOSGEB to provide e-trade/e-commerce products and services to Turkish KOBIs. 
The TerraSpan organization offers both the technologies and services required to plan, implement, and support a global e-business enterprise.  
TerraSpan understands fully the perpetual challenges of building and maintaining a global e-business infrastructure that enables global organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate with multiple parties in multiple locations across organizational, cultural and operational boundaries. To meet these challenges, TerraSpan offers its innovative global resource planning enterprise solution globaLINK™. Our solution fuses three concepts – trusted relationships, multilingual communication and cross-company collaboration – into a single, powerful platform. The synergy between these business concepts and our software tools provides a flexible framework for global collaboration, allowing organizations to integrate real world operations into a secured online environment for global collaboration, which will enable the organization to accomplish several important objectives:  
·       Develop trusted relationships between individual parties physically located in different parts of the globe
·       Clarify communication using the languages and standards appropriate for each party in each location
·       Simplify collaboration between multiple parties in multiple locations by bridging business boundaries